Christmas Magic in a Crazy Year

Dear Santa Ken,

Thank you so much for visiting our home last night! This is the 3rd year of you coming to our house and you never disappoint! We weren't sure if we would even be able to keep the tradition going with the current pandemic, but you were understanding, helpful, and thoughtful in creating a night of Christmas magic for the kids while also putting safety first. The limited adult guests in our yard felt safe, comfortable, and joyful during your visit.  Also, I can't thank you enough for visiting the homes of those not able to be here. We all felt connected and safe during a time when we would have normally been together. The families of the "driveway" visits were still able to enjoy your Santa magic and the kids still got to Santa during a year when very little has been normal for them. We really cannot thank you enough. We can't wait until next year's visit when, hopefully, things will return to normal!
Have a wonderful holiday!
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